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Florida Judgment Collection Attorney

Todd M. Rich, Esq.

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Congratulations on winning your case.

You went to court, presented your case and the judge ruled in your favor, or you possibly obtained a default judgment. Now you hold a Florida judgment and want to collect your money.

It has been estimated that roughly 80% of judgments go uncollected. In fact, Florida law protects debtors with several exemptions and protections such as homestead, head of household, tenancy by the entirety, qualified retirement plans, and many more.

Many plaintiffs are surprised to learn that the court cannot force the debtor to pay. Unless the debtor voluntarily pays, you will need to use various methods to try to collect upon the judgment.

The court may provide you with the proper forms, but that is about it since the court cannot give legal advice.

I am a licensed Florida attorney who specializes in Florida judgment collection. I am also a litigator who will fight to try to get you paid.

Instead of hiring a debt collection agency, why not hire a real attorney who knows exactly how to pursue a judgment? With years of experience, I can save you the time and headache of trying to handle collection yourself.

Not only do I have access to databases for asset searches, bank searches, and skip tracing, but I can have the court force the debtor to disclose their assets.

I use many ways to collect upon judgments such as garnishing bank and brokerage accounts, garnishing wages and commissions, finding hidden assets, obtaining charging orders, having real estate and personal property sold, and more. I can also reverse fraudulent transfers if the debtor tried to hide assets to avoid paying the judgment.

And most of the time, you will not have any contact with the debtor.

Keep in mind that not all debts are collectible. Some debtors truly have little to no assets.

Fill out the online questionnaire or give me a call today to evaluate your case.

My goal is to turn your paper judgment into real money.

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Collect against the debtor’s bank accounts, wages and commissions.

Execution and Levy on Property

Force the sale of the debtor’s real estate and personal property.

Asset Searches

Access to databases and private investigators for asset searches and finding bank accounts.

Post-Judgment Discovery

Force the debtor to disclose their assets through a fact information sheet, interrogatories, depositions, and more.

Reverse Fraudulent Transfers

Sue third parties to reverse fraudulent transfers made by the debtor or obtain a judgment against the third party.

Charging Orders

Collect upon a debtor’s interest in a partnership or LLC (limited liability company).

Domesticate Foreign Judgments

Enforce foreign judgments in Florida by recording the judgment, issuing a notice of judgment debtor, and more.

Post-Judgment Settlements

Negotiate and draft settlement agreements.